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So what's all this about the Hotel Castile...?

Once a hostel, the Hotel Castile in Maurtia Falls has a new over and a brand new look. James Patrick March, an art deco freak, has done a great deal of work to have it resemble his old hotel, the Cortez. Some examples of what to expect, visually...

A stern neon sign, gold for HOTEL and red for CASTILE is attached just above the front doors. Most of the staff is in period appropriate attire. Flapper dresses, black suits with bow ties, maids in maid uniforms, etc. The bar (doubling as a small restaurant) sits on the first floor, occasionally occupied by a lone clown with smeared sad face paint quietly drinking. He speaks in an indistinguishable slur if he speaks at all (rarely), and one of the bell hops will give you a different name every time you ask as well as an earful of naughty naughty words.

You might hear some music from time to time — some of it quite old and some of it not that old. Don't pay it any attention. It's very faint, after all, nothing to kick up a fuss over.

You may have odd dreams at the Hotel Castile. You may see people you haven't in years, or people-like creatures that certainly can't be real. The walls might bleed. The bathtub may run with blood, or tar, or oil, or gasoline in place of water. Can't be real. Blink a few times, you'll see. You'll see that it's just the lighting, you're just tired...

Welcome to the HOTEL CASTILE, where your stay can be as peaceful or as horrifying as you so require. Plenty of guests will return and claim that, aside from some oddities staying in the same hallway as them, they have nothing but praise for the place. Some might find such a thing confusing. Simply had such vivid dreams and never had them elsewhere. Some won't be leaving Yelp reviews ever again, having become a part of the hotel, more or less.

In the case of a guest's complaint or issues being too much for regular staff, James Patrick March is always available. Room 64 is his, locked several times over, and always with a scent of cigarettes and absinthe wafting about it.

The Castile is an OPEN SPOT in game and therefore available for all your log needs! If you would like March to pop into a thread, feel free to let me know, and if something is slated that would need mod approval, be sure to get that first. Otherwise, it's open for weekend getaways, events, and murder getaways alike! You can check out any time you like, but.................................


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